9 Advanced Technologies That Are Changing Agriculture

9 Advanced Technologies That Are Changing Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the most important sectors in the world. Its role and value is easy to understand – without agriculture both human beings and farm animals won't have their food.

Recently, the globalization of most industrial sectors is leading to a sort of "re-distribution" of many nation-based sectors. Agriculture is one of the sectors that are put center stage. In other words, countries that were once known for having a poor agricultural tradition are today becoming leading producers in the world for a specific type of food (for example, barley or rice). At the same time there are also countries that are losing their traditional role as producers of certain foods.  For example, Italy and France are no longer the only places where you can find high-quality grape vineyards.

Types of New Technologies in Agriculture

Today's technologies are playing a very important role in the development and implementation of agriculture around the world. Certain technologies allow people to seed plantations even in areas where normally they never previously existed. New fertilizers along with other mechanical innovations allow even sub-saharan countries to produce and export agricultural products. As a result, the national economy of those countries is enjoying a fervent surge of activity.

Let's focus what specific new technologies are playing the most relevant role in agriculture:

  1. High-flex tires allow farm vehicles to cover a larger distance, saving time and money for fuel. The innovative aspect of high-flex tires is that they are wider and more flexible than older tires, so the risk of soil compaction is reduced to a minimum.

  2. Telematic products allow farmers to keep control over their activity through vehicles and other machines. A mobile computer is necessary to navigate and transfer data from farm machines to the computer database. This technology allows farmers to maximize their work.

  3. Soil and crop sensors are just the latest innovation on most advanced crop fields. These sensors can read a wide range of information about plant health, water needs and other important elements in the crop. The sensors send the information to a specific app so that the farmer can view all the data via computer.

  4. Biotechnological innovations do also have a relevant role in the control and implementation of today's crop fields. In particular, the mini-chromosome technology can deliver multiple stacked traits in a single corn hybrid at a quicker speed than today's most diffused technologies. The new technology allows to build a new mini-chromosome which includes a specific trait or even a number of given traits (from 3 up to over 100 traits).

  5. Another smart technology coming from biology research is focused on biological pest control. All farmers need a cost-efficient system of fertilizers that don't damage the quality of the crop and plants. New biofungicides along with other biofertility products are expanding very rapidly in the world of agriculture thanks to the numerous advantages that they promise.fertilizer

  6. Fertilizer apps are not fantasy, they've already become a reality. The goal of fertilizer apps is to provide farm vehicles with the highest precision possible at a finer resolution. Such apps can be used in a very simple way by all farmers.

  7. In the large array of available fertilizers, nitrogen proves one of the most attractive for costs and efficiency.  Current studies are focusing on comparing the effect of nitrogen on the development and growth of crop fields against traditional fertilizers.

  8. Technically speaking, today's advanced farm vehicles feature interesting innovations that provide farmers with a higher level of precision. Moreover, automated systems bring the advantage of working with less efforts and more accuracy in the same time.

  9. It's not big news that we live in a world where electrification and automation make everything easier. Well, you might not know that electrification is also appearing in agriculture in the form of electric drive packages on certain farm vehicles. The electric generator gives power to the vehicle, which allows the farmers to save up to 20% in fuel.

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