The Summit of Your Work and Free Time

The Summit of Your Work and Free Time

Attracting People To Your Exhibition at a Food and Ag Summit


When you are attracting people to your exhibition stand at a food and agricultural summit it should feel open to customers and should showcase the objective. Whether you are marketing, selling, or showing off a corporate image you should have a different look and feel. You want proper posters and products to display in order to draw attention to the image you are portraying.


There might be challenges associated with a smaller size but do not let your mind run away with itself thinking that bigger is better. Whatever size you have, it is beneficial to establish your exhibition prior to the trade show so that you are aware of where things should go and have adequate time to visualize what things need to be left in the exhibition in order to attract people and what things make it too crowded and need to be removed.


The Summit of Your Work and Free Time


When you are trying to attract people to your exhibition stand you should make sure to be clear with the people helping you. Give directions about what you want to convey to the people in attendance when you are working with the signage companies, the stand builders, and equipment hire firms. Bring your creativity as well. Experiment with things such as sounds, lights, screens, posters, signs, and electronic presentations in order to determine which visual items work the best for conveying your image. It is important to drawn people’s attention to your stand from far away and from close up, but not to overload them with text.


  • You should establish a budget when you begin planning your exhibition and stick to that budget.
  • You can save money by locating furniture on site or at your office which can be incorporated into the exhibition stand at the trade show.
  • The materials should be memorable enough that they don’t get left behind.


Another word of caution relates to giveaways. Many people invest a large portion of their budget on promotional materials used as giveaways, but these often end up one the floor or in the trash cans at the end of the trade show because they do not relate to the company or the materials you are promoting and as such, are not memorable or worth keeping. If you do use promotional materials, the best way to budget for them is to only incorporate ideas which directly relate to the products or services you are offering.

Anyone involved in food and agriculture, whether it is someone looking to find the latest organic seeds for personal farming, cattle rancher in need of fresh sprouts machines to generate food for their herd, or a commercial farmer looking for equipment to reduce the labor demand will find answers to their questions at the annual food and agricultural summit.

These summits are a wonderful opportunity to come together and learn from one another. Knowledge truly is power, and anyone remotely interested in food and agriculture Industries can stand to gain a significant amount of knowledge by attending just one of these Summits. Every year vendors, Farmers, manufacturers, and more all come together to share the latest developments, explore what things have and haven't worked well, present new studies about the latest findings of certain farming methods or food products.

Filling the Downtime

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