The Surprising Benefits Of Japanese Foods On Your Health

The Surprising Benefits Of Japanese Foods On Your Health

If you love teriyaki chicken, Umeboshi or seaweed, and you have it every time you get the chance, you are also probably healthier than the majority of people you know. Don't see the connection between delicious Japanese food and your state of well-being? We're here to shed some light over the topic for you.

Japanese Cuisine – One Of the Healthiest On the Planetjapanese foods

Traditional Japanese cuisine has been labelled as one of the healthiest on the planet. Japan has one of the smallest numbers of obesity sufferers in the developed world and there is a good reason for that. The way the food is cooked, its special ingredients and the way it is served appear to be the main secrets behind this.

Traditional diets that Japanese people like to embrace are properly balanced and they incorporate large amounts of fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, fermented foods and rice. With small amounts of processed food and sugar intake, the people of Japan have an obvious advantage compared to Americans and their oftentimes toxic culinary habits.

Here are a few of the healthiest foods you will find in Japan – or a Japanese restaurant in the US – and the way they can influence your state of well-being, mood and overall health.

#1: Miso – Healthy Fermented Soy Beans

Miso is made from fermented soybeans and it contains large amounts of enzymes, healthy bacteria and antioxidants. It is an important protein preferred by lots of vegans, as it contains all the amino acids the body needs to function normally. It can also give your immune system the boost it needs, improves digestion and eases stress. If you are a passionate casino player and you enjoy spending your spare time on web gambling platforms like, you may want to introduce more miso into your diet. It should help you improve your memory and overall gameplay and become a better player with more focus. Miso soups are some of the most common forms of eating miso.

#2: Umeboshi – The Japanese Plums You Love

These unripe Japanese plums take a few months to reach their distinct flavor, as they need to be cured in salt and shiso and naturally dried in the sun. They are thought to have been given to samurai warriors on the battlefield and people think it is their citric acid that makes them suitable for people who suffer from liver problems. The alkaline effect of citric acid and its antibacterial benefits also turns these plums into some of the healthiest snacks, when served together with rice.

#3: Amazake – Koji Fermented Rice

Amakaze is a thick and nutritious food made from rice. It is extremely rich in healthy bacteria, vitamins and minerals, and it contains large amounts of kojic acid and B vitamins that are excellent for the hair and skin. The fibers in this drink help it improve digestion. It is an excellent drink for cold, rainy days when you feel the need to chill out on your sofa with a soft blanket and play a relaxing game of slots online.

#4: Konnyaku- The Jelly Yam We All Love

While the grey, jelly-looking food made from yam may not receive the title for the most attractive food out there, it is certainly chewy and nutritious enough to make it on our list. It is successfully added to hot pots and it is considered an ideal food for people on a diet. It has almost zero calories and it contains important amounts of calcium, iron or selenium. It can bring down high cholesterol and blood sugar levels and help people suffering from hypertension keep their chronic condition under control. It dates back to 1,500 years ago and it continues to be called one of the healthiest food in the country.

#5: Daikon Radishes With Edible Leaves

Daikon radishes may resemble regular vegetables, but they are so much more than that. Their root is a big part of miso soups, while the leaves are rich in vitamin C. Accordingly, the radishes are good at breaking down animal fat and dairy or bringing us the fiber and minerals intake we need. Daikon can improve liver and kidney function and keep bad bacteria and viruses at bay. These radishes contain 95 per cent water and almost zero calories, so they are excellent for people who want to lose weight.

Green tea is also rich in essential amino acids and it can relax you while keeping your mind focused – minus the jitters coffee usually gives you. Try it next time you want to stay awake and join a poker tournament online, you won't regret it.

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